Premier FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Who is Premier?

Answer:  Premier is a family-based, American snowmobile company that began out of frustration for the lack of the family segment models in today’s snowmobile market.  We will concentrate on building great machines geared towards the Midsize Family-Class Snowmobile market, machines that the whole family can enjoy at a more affordable price.  Think of us as a custom snowmobile company making affordable custom sleds for your family.  Our Enforcer Midsize snowmobiles are conceived, designed, and developed in the USA and use USA Domestic and Globally-Sourced Parts and Components.

Question:  Who makes the Premier Enforcer engines?

Answer:  We use high-quality, highly advanced 4-Stroke Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) Engines, modified for our models, built and branded under Premier.  All service support and technical support will be handled through Premier.

Question:  What about parts availability? 

Answer:  As long-time snowmobile riders and customers, we understand the frustration that back ordered parts can cause during such a short riding season. For this reason we are overstocking replacement parts.
Question:  What is the warranty coverage from Premier? 

Answer:  We offer a 12-month limited parts and labor warranty, covering the Enforcer for 1 riding season.
Question:  Do your machines meet the EPA standards for Snowmobiles? 

Answer:  Yes, our 4-stroke EFI engines are required to meet the EPA emission standards, just like the (4) other snowmobile manufacturers.